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Gospel Rhythms

September 05 2018
September 05 2018

God designed us to live in rhythm with Him. Sin has disrupted this rhythm. Jesus rescues us from this breakdown in human flourishing and establishes us in proper relationship to God and His rhythm for our life. Our want is to intimately meet with Jesus every day as we grow deeper in our union with Him. The first three weeks of the series will focus on daily practices that will bring renewal to our soul. The second half of the series will teach us how to go out into the world and walk with Christ bringing the gospel to the world.

Join us for this All Church Series associated with Sunday morning sermons and our weekly Life Group Ministries, rooting us in our mission as a church community in the San Ramon Valley.

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Part 1 // The Rhythm of Prayer




Part 2 // The Rhythm of Scripture




Part 3 // The Rhythm of God's Presence




Part 4 // The Rhythm of God's Presence





Part 5 // The Rhythm of God's Gifting





Part 6 // The Rhythm of Stewardship



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