Great Prayers in the Bible

November 02 2017
November 02 2017

The first prayer we will look at is the kind of prayer you might pray when you are humbled by tragic circumstances of your own making. In these moments, we often have our greatest clarity of thinking, we see reality and our own weaknesses and some of us finally call out to God for help. An example of this kind of prayer in the Bible is Samson’s one and only humble and faith-filled prayer (Judges 16:28).

The prayer comes at the tragic end of his life yet this request is everything God intended for Samson's destiny. God had designed, purposed and launched Samson to pull Israel away from their syncretism with pagan people and pagan gods. Samson (unknowingly) did God's purposes with an arrogant bull-headed sinfulness and rage, all accompanied by violent fights where Philistines lost their lives. Samson succeeded in making Israelites "persona non grata" in the Philistine's eyes and thus halted Israel's drift toward assimilation with this powerful people.

In spite of himself Samson, empowered by the Spirit of God, accomplished God's intention. Come on Sunday, there is much for us to learn from Samson's prayer.


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