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Do you enjoy talking to people and making them feel welcome while offering them refreshments? Members of this team get here early to make coffee and prepare trays of refreshments. After the service, they walk around the courtyard offering a smile and refreshments to people as they are standing around socializing or are standing alone. It’s a fun way to get to talk to just about everyone! This is a great ministry if you are new to our church and want to meet people and work with a team building community.

Commitment Level:

1st Service - 45 minutes before the service and 30 minutes after the service.

2nd Service - 15 minutes before the service and 45 minutes after the service.

(Note: You serve two consecutive Sundays and then have 6 weeks off.)

Snack Team Alternative: Bring refreshments a few times a year (no serving refreshments involved)

  • Drop off a ½ hour before the service begins.


  • A genuine desire to help people feel welcomed and connected
  • Being able to arrive early


  • Brewing coffee
  • Filling serving trays with refreshments (fruit, cookies, bagels etc.)
  • Clean-up (1st service makes the coffee and prepares trays; 2nd service refills coffee and trays and cleans up)

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