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Pictures - Sermon Series
In the Scriptures there are several Pictures or metaphors that help us to understand God and his desire to have relationship with us. When you think about it, you realize that God is far different from the humans he created. How can we possibly relate to the One who is so far above and beyond us? It's good to know that He desires relationship and calls us to come to Him. In this s ...
Mission to Mexico is Canyon Creek High School Ministry's Annual trip to Tecate, Mexico to build ...
In October of 2015 we launched our online Church Directory.  This tool is meant to help us c ...
Canyon Creek Refreshment Team and Lobby Hosts need your help. If you are looking for a way to get ...
2017 Mission // Hire a Student
Attached - Sermon Series
Spring Wild Night schedule for 4/5th graders live now
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We are men of God; made in his image for His glory and purpose
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We are women of God; made in His glory and purpose
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Little Bridges is a Christ-centered, safe, and loving environment for children ages 4 months through 5th grade. We provide preschool classes and after school elementary programs.